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Non-Aligned Movement in the Hands of Destiny

Today, the non-aligned movement which features 120 countries is the second biggest group in the world; because the number of member countries of United Nations organization has reached 192. Recently, its seventeenth conference has been held at Margarita island of Venezuela. The Indian delegation was led by Vice President Hamid Ansari. It is second occasion when Indian delegation was not led by the Prime Minister. Today, the non-aligned movement is struggling for its existence. In last few decades, questions have been raised that when the world is not bipolarized then what is the need of it? The world today is definitely not divided in two parts on ideological basis. The Soviet Union and its allies are moving ahead with new energy and philosophy. Globalization and capitalism is blossoming but it is also being threatened by terrorism, ethnicity problem and violence. Today, there are three main objectives of Indian foreign policy: First is global isolation of Pakistan; second is improvement in United Nations and securing permanent membership in it; and third is protecting the commercial interests and increasing foreign fund inflow into India so that the pace of economic growth is maintained. The support of non-aligned countries is very important in achieving these objectives. After all, this group has support of more than half of the population of the world and majority of member countries are also members of United Nations Organization. The support of all these countries will be helpful in achieving these objectives. Despite this, we condemn it. Nehru had considered this as big source of energy for independent India. Most of its members became free from the colonial rule and everybody had common dream which was development. The dream of fighting poverty and finding a life of self-respect went unfulfilled. Even today, its member countries are struggling with many types of problems. Any movement which gets complete, tends to achieve its objectives. This journey has been completed without getting to the destination. This is exactly what is happening with non-aligned countries. India needs to define its objectives again and become flag bearer of under-developed and developing countries so that the existence of humanity along with nationalism remains intact.

Thanks With Best Wishes for Your Bright Future

Sanjay Kumar — Editor



Assignment Advisior October 2016