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“There is no letter which doesn’t have charm. There is no root which doesn’t have medicinal property. There is no man who is not capable. Rare is a person who knows its proper application.” Taking inspiration from the above mentioned truth, the magazine “Assignment Advisor” has been launched. Its objectives are:

Today, most of the competitive examinations have become multiple choice questions based. Hence, applicants are not able to focus properly on preparations of descriptive based questions. While, the higher level competitive examinations like I.A.S. and P.C.S. carries descriptive questions. This magazine is not misguided. It is exactly useful for students who prepare for descriptive question based competitive examinations. Through this magazine, we provide very effective training on the ways to write standard answer to the questions from many different subjects related to Sociology, Humanities, Commerce and Management.
Conclusion: It is not just a common career magazine. It has been designed to cater to a particular target reader base.

This magazine is a one-stop solution to millions of students enrolled in “Indira Gandhi National Open University.” The common problems that students of IGNOU faces are stated below:
a) Most of the study materials from various subjects are not updated. The areas where these kinds of difficulties are experienced are few books of Political Science, books of Economics, few books of Basic Courses, Rural Development, Tourism Studies, many chapters of Social Works. Through the medium of our magazine we are providing updated information to the students.
b) The students of IGNOU normally face shortage of time. Most of the students lack direct interaction with the teachers. As a result, they are not well prepared to write exact answer to the questions. Through the medium of “Assignment Advisor,” we are working diligently towards helping the students to overcome this problem.
c) Apart from this, the students of IGNOU are also provided with many relevant study materials in a concise manner.
Conclusion: “Assignment Advisor” is presenting different types of miscellaneous study materials for IGNOU students.

Apart from IGNOU, there are also many other Central Universities which are conducting distance education courses. These Universities are Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University, Maulana Abul Kalam Urdu University etc. We are also providing relevant study materials to the students of these Universities as well.
Conclusion: You can get relevant study material of distance education on demand from “Assignment Advisor.”

There are as much as thirteen State Open Universities which is totally focused on distance education. We are also working towards them.
Conclusion: We are also having numerous study materials for these State Open Universities and we are working on this as well.

The graduate and post graduate students from various universities across the country can use this as a medium to write standard answers related to their choice of subjects.
Conclusion: “Assignment Advisor” is the only magazine which is focused on descriptive content.

All in all, “Assignment Advisor” is a serious endeavour. Through this, we are trying to improve the abilities of students in terms of language, content and critical writing.